Unfucked Firefighter

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Unfucked Firefighter

Unfucked Firefighter
10 ratings

Learn how to be the healthiest firefighter you can be with this step-by-step guide to eating better, training more efficiently, and recovering optimally.

This program is for any firefighter that meets the following:

> You want to lose fat

> You want to get lean

> You want a better physique

> You want to be fit for duty and fit for life

> You want a better workout routine

> You want to see more results in the gym

> You want to stay injury free

> You want maximum muscle growth

> You want to know what foods you should eat

> You want to know what foods you should avoid

> You want to stress less and feel calmer

> You want to recover like a pro

> You want to improve your sleep quality

> You want to feel better when you get off shift

What you’ll learn:

> The ten directives for firefighter wellness

> All of the exact workouts that I do

> How to be fit for duty and fit for family

> The list of foods that you should eat

> The list of foods that you should avoid

> What macronutrients to target

> How to train to maximize muscle gain and fat loss

> How to be less nutrient deficient in the body

> How to recover optimally

> How to breathe your way to constant calm

> The strategies that we use to sleep better on and off duty

What you’ll get:

• Prep tasks

• 30-day habit tracker

• The 10 Directives for Firefighter Wellness

• UFF grocery list

• List of approved foods

• List of foods to avoid

• UFF exercise guide

• UFF workouts and sled school

• UFF guide to heat acclimation

• UFF guide to sleep and stress management

That's all there is to it.

If you have questions for me you can reach me on Twitter @unfuckedfire

This is a one-time investment.

The price will go up again soon. Time to take action.


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Unfu*ked Firefighter will teach you how to eat to get lean, how to train safely and efficiently, how to manage stress on and off duty, and how to recover like a pro.

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