The UFF Fitness Program

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The UFF Fitness Program is my comprehensive guide to being mentally and physically fit for duty.

It covers everything from building muscle and functional strength to decreasing your fat mass to sleeping better and recovering like a pro.

This program is for any firefighter who meets the following:

  • You want to perform better on the job
  • You want maximum muscle growth
  • You want to stay injury-free
  • You want more energy
  • You want to lose fat
  • You want to know what foods you should eat
  • You want to know what foods you should avoid
  • You want to successfully manage and control stress in your life
  • You want to recover better between shifts
  • You want to improve your sleep quality

What you’ll learn:

> The ten directives for firefighter wellness

> How to be fit for duty

> How to design the best weekly workout routine that encompasses strength, cardio, and recovery

> How to train to maximize muscle gain and fat loss

> The most high-value exercises with the least risk of injury

> The list of foods that you should eat

> The list of foods that you should avoid

> What macronutrients to target

> How to recover optimally

> How to maintain a constant calm

> The strategies we use to sleep better on and off duty

What you’ll get:

  • Prep tasks
  • 30-day habit tracker
  • The 10 Directives for Firefighter Wellness
  • UFF grocery list
  • List of approved foods
  • List of foods to avoid
  • UFF exercise guide
  • UFF HIIT and strength training workouts and sled school
  • UFF guide to heat acclimation
  • UFF guide to sleep and stress management

That's all there is to it.

If you have questions for me you can reach me on Twitter @unfuckedfire

This is a one-time investment.

The price will go up again soon. Time to get after it.


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UFF will teach you how to increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass, how to train safely and efficiently, how to manage stress on and off duty, and how to recover optimally.

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The UFF Fitness Program

11 ratings
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